Weddings & Social Events

Congratulations on your upcoming event and thanks for connecting with Crested Butte Events! 
Below is a brief description of our planning packages which have been carefully crafted over the last 15 years to specifically meet the needs of destination weddings in the Gunnison Valley.  If you require planning for a social event, we are happy to provide a custom quote based on your specific goals.  
Please contact us and we will gladly schedule a complimentary phone or in-person meeting to walk you through our process and fit you with a package. 

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Our Philosophy

As the world becomes more connected, it can feel as if individuals are becoming less connected.  We like to think we can change that - one party at a time. Your wedding is an exciting moment and it can take shape in a multitude of ways.  The philosophy that has ensured our success the last 15 years is simple - your wedding should be 100% FUN while taking place in a financial realm that is comfortable.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing a room full of family and friends making memories that will stay with you long after the party ends.  

Our Process 

Weddings come in every shape and size and we realize "financial comfort" is a moving target.  Any dollar spent needs to be well spent; therefore, budget is our priority. We will create a budget that achieves your financial goals as well as the vision for your event. From that point, we can begin to match you with vendors that are a perfect fit. While there is no limit on communication, we do make a practice of sending monthly updates with tasks to be completed. We understand that it is easy to become overwhelmed and this allows everyone involved to stay on track and adjust details as needed. We will be with you every step of the way.

Our Packages

Traditional Wedding

This package offers comprehensive service in planning your wedding ceremony and reception, start to finish. It is an essential package for destination weddings of every size. 

Services included, but not limited to:  

  • Budget Development
  • Unlimited Communication and Meetings with your Planner
  • Vendor Selection and Management 
  • Monthly Planning and Budget Updates
  • Event Timeline Development and Management
  • Travel and Lodging Assistance for you and your Guests
  • Event Design
  • On-site Set-Up, Management and Break Down of Wedding and Reception

Premier Wedding

This package is geared toward families that are eager to immerse their guests in the Crested Butte experience. Whether it be hosting multiple nights of amazing culinary experiences or encouraging guests to join in an outdoor mountain adventure, we are here to plan an amazing and memorable week surrounding your wedding.

Services included, but not limited to:

  • All items in Traditional Wedding
  • Personal Concierge Service for Bride, Groom and Immediate Family during Wedding Week
  • Welcome Bag Delivery
  • Activity Planning 
  • On-site Set-Up, Management and Break Down of all Events during Wedding Week (IE: Welcome Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Group Outdoor Adventures, Brunch, etc.)
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The Starting Line

Use this package alone or combine it with the Finish Line. This package is customizable to your specific needs but is most often used for budget development, scheduling vendor meetings during your Crested Butte visit and “sanity check meetings” along your planning journey. Call us with your questions and concerns and we will provide a quote to handle your specific needs.








The Finish Line

This package combines the services of a Wedding Day Director and planning assistance 30 days prior to your wedding. This is a great package for couples that live in Crested Butte or have time in their schedules to visit Crested Butte frequently and can handle the advance planning on their own. This plan is not ideal for busy couples that are out of state or have very busy professional lives.

Services included:  
• Contract Review and Vendor Follow-up 30 days prior to your event
• On-site Set-Up, Management and Break Down of Wedding & Reception

What we expect you to provide:
• Vendor contracts and contact information for our review 30 days prior to Wedding Day
• All decor and a detailed decor plan 30 days prior to Wedding Day
• Timeline and overall plan of how you see the Wedding Day unfolding

Don't see a package that fits your needs? 

We love working with our clients to create unique packages to fit their event. Give us a call and we'll figure out exactly what your event needs and how we can help make your dream a reality.