Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What size tent do I need?
A:   That's trickier than we can answer in an FAQ.  Please provide a list of what you think is going under the tent and we will fit you with the correct size.

Q:  What goes under a tent anyway?
A:   Dining tables & chairs, buffet tables, cake table, welcome/gift table, bar (2 for groups of 100+), dance floor, DJ table or staging for band, and a photo booth are the most common items.

Q:  What if I want my dinner under the stars - no tent required?
A:  Totally fine - until one of those 20 minute mountain rain showers arrives.  Best to have a tent and compromise by having the walls off to promote that outdoor feeling you desire.  Remember, you can have a fabulous outdoor cocktail hour with the safety of the tent in the background.

Q:  Can you set up a tent last minute if the weather looks questionable?
A:  Sadly, no.  Our inventory is generally rented well in advance so it is best to plan ahead and plan for rain.  

Q:  When do you set up the tent?
A:   We will finalize our delivery and set up schedule 1-2 weeks prior to your event.  We work with you and your venue to set up the tent as early as is feasible the week of your event, generally 1-2 days in advance.  Some venues require same day set up and we will discuss that with you at the time of booking to prevent timing conflicts.

Q:  I have lots of family volunteers!  Can I set up the tent myself?
A:  No, liability insurance won't allow that.  Trust us, it's a little more time-consuming than it looks!